Zemlja snova


Posjetit ćeš zagonetne dvorce skrivene u oblacima, prošetati začaranom šumom, zaroniti u tajanstvena podvodna kraljevstva i – proživjeti Zemlju snova. Dobro došli u čudesni maštosvijet! Opusti se i kreni na čudesno putovanje snovitim svijetom mašte. Kroz očaravajuće ilustracije koje trebaš samostalno dovršiti, obojati bojicama i uljepšati, upoznat ćeš vile i vilenjake, patuljke i divove, sirene, zmajeve, jednoroge i još mnogo drugih fantastičnih bića.


5,30  (39,93 kn)

Težina 721 g

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  1. Rhonda

    Can you please give me some idea of freight cost to send this book to Australia (Sydney)

    • Tina Šut

      Cost of your book with shipping would be around 45 Euros. Please contact us on webshop@fokusnahit.com

  2. B. Leonard

    What would be the cost in USA dollars to send to the USA? Please let me know shipping + cost of book. Thanks.

    • Tina Šut

      Book cost is around 13.5 USD (today’s exchange rate) and shipping around 27 USD for 1 book.

  3. Fairlita

    Hello! How much is the shipping to Italy?

    • Tina Šut

      Hello, you can see that when you put book in basket and choose country. Thank you!

  4. Jessica


    How long does it take to ship to the US? Thank you.

    • Tina Šut

      Dear Jessica, after we check order and send it to shipping, it takes aprox 10 working days.

  5. Henrietta Jackson (Potvrđen vlasnik)

    Thank you! It is beautiful! It arrived quickly within 10 working days.

    • Tina Šut

      Great, enjoy! 🙂

  6. Sarah-Jayne Lewis

    Will you be selling it on Amazon in the UK at some point? Thanks

    • Tina Šut

      Not at the moment.

  7. Hester

    Do you ship to South Africa? I would dearly love to own a copy of your book.

    • Tina Šut

      Yes, we do.

  8. Manon (Potvrđen vlasnik)

    Hello, I ordered and payed this book at 23. July. When will it be delivered? I got no message.

    • Tina Šut

      Your order was sent to you on 24th. You should get notification. It will arrive any day now.

  9. Ellen Bornstein

    I would like to purchase this book. I live in California USA

    • Tina Šut

      You can it purchase it from webshop.

  10. Mary Rich

    I would like to order this book. I am in the United States. How much is it? How much is shipping?

    • Vlatka Hercigonja

      It depends on the city. You can fill out the form and check.

  11. Crystal

    I’m in El Dorado Springs Mo United States zip code 64744. I would like to order Zemlja Snova. And have it shipped here. If you could write me at my email address and give me the price of the book and shipping it would be much appreciated.y email is crystalmayfield19@gmail.com

    • Tina Šut

      We sent you an email.

  12. Lady994

    Koliko je postarina do Slovenije (1000 Ljubljana)? Hvala

    • Vlatka Hercigonja

      Postovana, cijene dostave mozete vidjeti za svaku pojedinu narudzbu ispunjavanjem obrasca na webshopu, a prije nego potvrdite transakciju. Hvala.

  13. Dede


    What would be the price for the book and shipping to Canada? Also, can you let me know how to translate to English as it looks like there is no English option on your website. Thank you!

  14. Janet Watson

    I would really like this book and a friend is visiting Croatia next week. Please can you tell me if this book is available in any Croatian book stores, and if so, where are they located?

    • Tina Šut

      You can find it in bigger cities, in book stores of Školska knjiga and Tisak Media.

  15. Tatyana

    Please, tell me, do you have the currency “Кn” – how much will it be in dollars? Is it possible to send to Russia, to the city of Krasnoyarsk? How can I pay?
    Thank you!

    • Tina Šut

      Dear Tatyana, yes we do send in Russia. Cureny of Kuna is around 6,5 USD. You can pay via webshop, with credit card.

  16. juju

    is this book still available to buy from you please? and will you send to the UK? I want to buy approx 10 copies (for myself, family and friends) thanl you so much

    • Vlatka Hercigonja

      Hello. ‘Zemlja snova’ is available, and yes – we do send in the UK.

  17. hiromi

    Hello, I’m Japanese. Can you send this book to Japan? How much is the shipping fee when I bought one?

  18. Birgit

    Can I find this in a bookstore at Zadar?

    • Tina Šut

      Dear Birgit, yes, you can find it in bookstore of Skolska knjiga in Zadar.

  19. Carolyn Crowe

    How can I purchase this book and what is the price including shipping?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Tina Šut

      We will soon have webshop available on english, but nor now, if you have trouble navigating through our website, please, contact us on webshop@fokusnahit.com so we can send you screenshot with translation.

  20. Valerija

    Hello! How can I order and how much will it cost in dollars with delivery to Russia to Novosibirsk?

    • Tina Šut

      It depends on how many books you want to purchase. When you put them in basket and go one step further, you can choose country and it will give you price.

  21. Tatyana

    Želim kupiti knjigu “Zemlja snova”. Koliko će vas koštati dostava u Rusiju do grada Krasnojarsk?Općenito koliko samo uz dostavu košta knjiga? Hvala!S poštovanjem, Tatjana.

  22. Lorraine Burnell

    Thank you so much for the beautiful colouring book. My husband ordered it for me one day less than two weeks ago. It arrived today and it is beautiful. It was extremely well packaged and in perfect condition. I am thrilled to be able to own this beautiful book. Thank you for the much faster than expected delivery from Croatia to Alberta, Canada in just less than two weeks. I can’t wait to get started colouring.

  23. judith.boden (Potvrđen vlasnik)

    My copy arrived in the UK within 5 days of ordering. It came securely wrapped in paper and cardboard and arrived in excellent condition. The book is beautiful, Tomislav Tomić is a wonderful artist and his drawings are exquisite. The paper is such good quality as well. This book is everything I had hoped for. Thank you very much.

  24. Maria McKenzie

    What would be the cost in canadian dollars to send to CANADA? Please let me know shipping + cost of book. Thanks.

    • Tina Šut

      Dear Maria, book cost in canadian dollars is about 18.5, and shipping around 58.

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